Declan's Birth Story

Declan Cody // 12.09.2012 // 8lbs 7oz // 19 inches long

Most families would be jumping for joy the minute they hear stats like this. On paper, that looks like a healthy baby boy. But for us it was the beginning of a journey only God could lead us through //

Mike and I decided that after we got married, we would wait a bit to start a family. After about a year of marriage we thought, what a great time to start trying. A couple of years went by and we just weren't getting anywhere. We started seeing a fertility specialist and, thank God, he was able to pin point the problem. A few months and one miscarriage later we were so happy to be pregnant with Declan. We were actually beyond happy. We had a little pregnancy reveal party with our families that was amazing. We were on cloud 9, but around 17 weeks things changed...

Our OB noticed that I was growing quite large, at 17 weeks I was already measuring around 22 weeks. Declan looked "normal" and his weight was fine, a little on the large side but still in the normal range. At this point we really didn't know what was going on, but we were optimistic that all was well. Once I reached 26 weeks I was huge, I mean huge , like I was carrying multiple babies. I was then officially diagnosed with polyhydramnios ; excess amniotic fluid. The problem with that was, while Declan was growing well and having a fantastic time in my belly haha ; my body thought I was farther along than I really was. Around 26 weeks I started having contractions and had to be hospitalized a few times between then and 32 weeks along. The doctors had to stop contractions on a couple of occasions and I also had a steroid shot to develop Declan's lungs, "just incase." The amazing doctors were able to keep him in until I developed mild pre-eclampisa at 36 weeks. It was then my OB decided, they would hold me in the hospital until 37 weeks and I would deliver by c-section.

At this point, I was happy to be delivering. I was so large and uncomfortable that many of the nurses and other staff wondered how I was even walking let alone smiling :) Here is a picture of me a few days before Declan's delivery...

[ Did I mention I was huge? ]

I actually walked to the delivery room, crazy!

By this point, nerves were setting in. On top of this being my first baby, the idea of a c-section just added to my nervousness. Because I was so big and my body was stretched so far, even the epidural procedure was intense. It took them about 15 mins just to get me all set up. Once that was done, I laid down and prayed over the doctors, nurses and our baby. 

Now, before my OB started the cut, they literally drained 4 liters of fluid out of my belly! Yea, I know right!?! Once, that was completed, we began the process of delivery. Everything was going well and pretty much routine until, Dex was out...

Our doctor was quite prepared and already had a NICU team on-hand and ready to step in and boy were we thankful for that. Declan was born. He was this cute little pink baby that could not breathe. We could not see him, we didn't have the chance to hold him, we couldn't hear a cry but he was alive. The NICU doctors promptly placed the air bag over his nose. Mike was able to cut the umbilical cord and take a few picutres. Then, Declan was quickly placed in an incubator , wheeled passed me so I can see him, and taken to the NICU. 

While my OB was putting me back together things started to get fuzzy. I lost a lot of blood and started to pass out. Again, my amazing Doctor was prepared and had blood ready for me. I was then pumped with about 2 bags of blood until my stats improved. My husband Mike, what a trooper. Not only did he have to wonder about our baby, he now had to see his wife completely out of it, being poked and pumped full of blood. He was asked to step out for a bit so they could tend to me and so he wouldn't be overwhelmed. Mike says, he would never wish that feeling and situation on anyone. He was such a rock and still is! 

Once I was stabilized, I was moved to recovery. I had no idea what was going on with Declan, I was shivering uncontrollably and our families were still waiting to hear about us all. It was intense, but after a few hours we were moved to a room and then the waiting began. 

After a day and going on two, Mike was exhausted from talking to the doctors, taking family to see the baby and worrying about me. I also had not seen Declan yet and I longed to hold and kiss my sweet little boy. But we knew God had a plan and we needed to keep our trust in Him!

Declan was ok. He was intubated, on minimal oxygen but still could not breathe on his own. His swallow was weak and he could not eat by mouth. His chest looked a little odd, his little tummy muscles were weak and we still didn't know what he sounded like. We didn't even know if he had Mike's dimples yet! After a couple of weeks of wondering, crying, lots of tests, more crying ,waiting and waiting and waiting we finally had a diagnosis: Uniparental Disomy 14/Paternal ...

And then our journey began. 
Follow us along and we really hope to inspire and encourage others out there going through similar situations or just going through stuff. Even if you haven't experienced childbirth, medical issues, or just trying times we hope to encourage you as well.

God bless you,
Mike, Tia , Declan , Reed & Bodie ( the dog )


  1. Hi there we are from united kingdom and have a gorgeous little angel called sarea,she to has pupd14,woyld you mind if we make contact as this genetic condition is extremely rare and you are the only family we have found in the same situation as ourselves..kind regards Lyndon+Annette

    1. Hi Lyndon & Annette! I'm so happy you found us. Whenever you are ready you can email me and we can exchange info! Take care