About Dex & Bodie

My name is Tia Brumbelow. I'm a wife, mother and lover of Jesus.

When I first started this blog, it was meant as a place for inspiration, a place where I could share my thoughts and a place to keep family and friends up to date. For the past couple of years that's the direction the blog was going, then we had our first child. It was an amazing and intense pregnancy that ultimately led me back to blogging. However, when I returned to this blog, the direction changed. I was led to start something new and to share this journey...

On December 9th, 2012 our son Declan was born. After a difficult pregnancy and a month stay in the NICU, our son was diagnosed with Uniparental Disomy 14 (paternal). Whoa. After some time and prayer, we thought it would be a great idea to document this part of our lives. This Chromosome disorder is so rare that there is hardly any information aside from one website & a handful of medical journals. We have only found a couple of families like us, so we thought why not share our story and potentially help someone else. 

So, here we are. " Life or Something Like it" is now "Dex
& Bodie." A place where we will share bits and pieces of Declan, our daily routines and even personal thoughts from time to time. Oh and Bodie is the Dog =)

photo cred: Nea Nabayan Photography

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  1. Hello Tia! I can not believe that I found your blog. I too have a child with Paternal UPD 14. She is 7 years old. I did write you a message on Facebook. I would love to connect. With Blessings, Rebecca