NICU Awareness Month

September is NICU awareness month and I wanted to take a little time to share a bit about our experience...

Before Dex was born, we knew he would be transferred to the NICU right away. We didn't know why in the beginning, but we knew he would be in good hands. Mike and I were fortunate to have amazing care at our local hospital and we were able to tour our NICU ( in detail ) and meet the wonderful nurses and staff before hand. During the scariest and most unsure time in our lives, the one thing we did not have to worry about was the care Dex would receive ( You can read all about Declan's birth story above ).

It can be a bit scary to walk into a place and see the many babies hooked up to wires, monitors going off and people walking ( sometimes running ) very quickly around you- to top it all off you and your baby are about to join this very unfamiliar place. It can all be so overwhelming but at the same time very reassuring that you are in good hands. To see all of the wonderful doctor's and nurses taking such amazing and attentive care of these babies can put your minds somewhat at ease. That feeling definitely helped us settle into our new home away from home for a month. 

Speaking of NICU nurses…BOY do they have my heart. In my opinion they are some of the most caring, kind and hands on people I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. The way they took control of any tense situation Dex was in to the way they would show such sweet affection to him ( and the other babies) really left a positive and lasting impression on us. We actually still keep in touch with a couple of them and we love to give them updates of the baby, now 4 year old, they helped save.

Have you ever wanted to give back or donate to a great cause but aren't sure where to start? I would encourage you to contact your local hospital's NICU department. They do so much more than save lives…they also send encourage and help you with the confidence you need to take your sweet babe home. Whether it’s going home with equipment or just learning your baby’s rhythms - they have you covered. 

I have had the pleasure over the last few months to join an advisory board at the same place Dex was cared for and it's been simply amazing. We have been trying to find ways to improve and make the NICU feel as warm and welcoming as possible.  The NICU parents can always use love as well- Maybe donating blankets, a great facial scrub, a shave kit or even a cheesy magazine would be so appreciated!  ( I have some upcoming plans for donations and I'll be sure to share here and get you all involved too)! 

To find out how you can help, call your local hospital and ask for a patient liaison or a clinical social worker on staff and they can lead you to the right people…

We are forever grateful and are so blessed to live in a place where this exists . We feel fortunate to have had such amazing people care for our family and with the grace of God, we look forward to continuing to share our story. 

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