Making Time...

Time is something I think every single person ( a parent or not ) wishes they had more of. I don't know how many times a week I mention that I could use two or three more hours in the day to get things done ( Let's not count the time I waste spend watching The Crown on Netflix ).  With Pre-school almost out for the summer, I am really looking forward to catching up on a few projects including getting ready for birthdays and Father's day!

Mike works so hard for us each and every day, not only with his job, but he also works hard at making our house a home. My heart skips a beat every single day when our boys literally jump up and down to greet dad as he walks through the door.  The sweet and genuine laughter they have just knowing he's home lets me know how blessed we are to have him. Mike always makes time for Dex and Reed & there is no doubting his love for us. Between therapy sessions , swim lessons and just weekly activities, he makes sure that his presence is known. Father's day has taken on a whole new meaning around here and we are so grateful.

This year, we are making time and celebrating dad with help from Jord Wood Watches  . Not only do they have a great men's watch selection but a wonderful selection for women too! 

Isn't this gorgeous?  I love this unique watch because it really does complement any outfit and of course, and I may be a bit biased here, but it looks great on Mike . Oh and I'm also a sucker for pretty packaging.

My heart is seriously bursting!

This is a great time piece and I know the dad or dad figure in your life wold love them too.
You can even personalize them! Sweet, right?

 Father's day is going to be a good one this year! 

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