Tis the season for graduations and this week our little Dex had a sweet graduation of his own!

Since birth, Dex has had multiple therapies including - Physical, Occupational and Speech. Therapy has been such a huge part of his progress and his therapists have been nothing short of amazing. They are advocates for his success and have always had his best interest at heart. A couple of weeks ago we had another assessment for his Physical therapy plan and goals  ( about every 3 months or so ). Declan has been showing SO much progress and has really made leaps and bounds. Because of that he's been meeting or surpassing his goals! During our last two sessions his amazing therapists thought it was time for Declan to graduate from PT! 

What does that mean exactly for him? It means that for his current age ( 4 ) he can pretty much handle many physical activities as peers of the same age. Some things he may not master; simply because he doesn't have the physical capability ( like low muscle tone & his Rib Placement etc...) But for the most part, he's doing really well! So, this week was our last PT session for a while! He'll have another assessment once he gets a bit older and continues to grow but for now we are going to enjoy this amazing moment in the life of Dex. Thank you Lord!

( We still have Occupational therapy so we are not saying goodbye to our friends completely... Just PT for now )

We are so incredibly proud of him and we are so thankful for his ongoing healing. Each day we thank God that He gave Dex to us in the exact way He did. We may not every fully understand why and some days we may not be as thankful, BUT we know that He works everything for the good of those who love Him. The best is yet to come!

Here's a little throwback to one of Declan's first sessions at his current therapy facility. He was around 3 months old here! 

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