Hello! It's March already and I seriously can't believe how quickly this year is moving. In just a few short months, Reed will be two! Which reminds me, I still haven't shared his birth story yet...Once we make the changes I want to make to the blog ( including some lifestyle posts) - I'll share!

There have been so many updates and amazing milestones Dex has made that I could probably write about 15 posts today but I'll spare you the month long read for another day, haha!

One thing I did want to share on today's post is how important being an advocate for your child is. Declan has been receiving private therapy sessions since birth and it's been one of the most beneficial aspects to his development. Now that he is in school we have access to school based programs ( in addition to his private sessions through insurance ) and we are so grateful for that. He is actually attending a preschool just for kids with Special Needs.  When we first received his IEP ( Individualized Education Program ) he was approved for School based Speech outside of the classroom and we were thrilled. One area that we really pushed for was Occupational therapy as well. Initially we weren't approved for the school based program even though it was highly recommended that he receive it. We were okay with that at first because we knew he was already getting two days a week privately , but we also knew he would need more. We prayed that his teachers and staff would really notice the need he had for additional help and boy, did God answer our prayer...

His previous teacher pulled us to the side and provided us with some advice, which we absolutely heeded and a few days later - we had new meeting for an amendment to his IEP. After our meeting we walked out with an OT plan at school for him and we are so grateful. 

I say all of this because of the realization that being your child's advocate is SO important. Even if you have typical children, you are their biggest and BEST resource. Don't hesitate to ask questions and push for the things you know your child needs. One of the hardest things for me to do is really speak up. It's something that I have been praying that I can overcome and God has really been showing me how to do this. Starting with my own children- and because I have been able to do that it's helped in other areas of my life too. Man, God is good! 

(Valentine's day fun )

You all are so amazing and we thank you so much for following our journey... We do have a few prayer requests below.

Please pray for:

- Dex's upcoming surgery ( don't have a date set yet )
- His respiratory system ( we had a recent bout with pneumonia and he still has a lingering cough )
- For his social skills to really develop positively ( He started baseball! More on that soon )

XO- Dex

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