I know, I've been really bad at keeping you all up to date with Dex! I promise I'll get better :) Also, I'm still working on adding some lifestyle sections to the blog. Stay tuned! 

So, this summer has been pretty fun for Declan. We decided to try swim lessons for the first time since he's been loving the water lately ( one of the things we prayed & thanked God for ). We always have to feel things out day by day for him but we knew swimming would bring the same excitement each day.  Our local parks offer swimming lessons throughout the summer so, Mike researched a bit and found that one of our local pools had an adaptive class! If you're not a special needs parent, you might not know how hard it is to find a decently priced recreational class for differently abled kids- so needless to say we were ecstatic! We immediately signed him up and once we arrived to our first class we were even more impressed. It was a one on one class! This was music to my ears and rainbows to my eyes. ( I seriously looked around to see if a unicorn would pop out ) 

Declan took right away to his instructor, Kaitlin, who was just the absolute sweetest. She was so gentle and never forced Dex to do anything he did not want. She kept him calm and he felt safe with her. Thank. You. Lord. 

Today was the last day of his first session and we just thanked Kaitlin for having a heart for kids like Dex, for really taking the time to get to know him and for simply being kind to us. We are already looking forward to the next session and thank God each day for Dex's ongoing amazing progress. 

Excited about his swim certificate! 

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