Happy Monday!

The kids are asleep so I thought I would try and get a post in before we turn in for the night...OR unless one of them wakes up needing to cuddle :)

Whenever I run into friends or family I haven't seen in a while, they are so sweet and always ask how Dex is doing. So, I thought it would be a great time to give a little progress report here on the blog. I'll try to keep this as short as possible. There is always SO much I can write but you would be literally reading for hours and I'm sure your eyes would cross, ha!


  • As of right now, Dex 3yrs old, is still doing one day a week for physical therapy. He works so incredibly hard and we have seen some major improvement. He can now throw a ball and actually get some air. He loves to throw baseballs and his new "skill" is throwing the football just like the quaterback. It's pretty amazing how he watches sports and really picks up on it. 
  • He can finally jump! He absolutely loves jumping. It's taken quite a while for him to get his feet off the ground. And now he can actually jump 3-4 times in a row, he's learning to jump off of items and he's learning to jump over items like a bar or a line. 
  • His climbing is getting stronger and he can now climb on the  "big slide" without much help on the stairs. 
  • Swinging is still a challenge for him. Because of his very low muscle tone ( Hypotonia ), he does not geel physically strong enough and he feels more comfortable in the baby swing.
  • Scooters and bicycles are still something he can't do, YET, but he is working so hard to grasp those skills
  • His running skills are getting better by the day to where now it actually looks like he's running. He's actually walking really fast, but it's getting there!
All in all his physical abilities still need to improve BUT he's really coming along and getting stronger each day. Certain things still hinder him like, if he puts pressure on his leg it shakes. Since we know that is a neurological issue - we just hope and pray that he grows out of those types of things.

Fine Motor:
  •  Honestly, Dex has a lot of catching up to do. He has Occupational Therapy 2 days per week after school.  Eating with utensils, simple holding of objects and having complete control is still a bit difficult. The good news is that, these are all things he can improve on. Oh and we still don't know which hand is his dominant hand since he likes to switch back and forth, ha! 

  • Dex's speech has really improved to the point that even strangers can sometimes understand what he says. 
  • He is in an individual speech session five days a week in school on top of regular group class sessions. 
  • He still says one, two and three word phrases and has hard time articulating. It's mainly because of the low muscle tone and the way his brain processes information. 


  • We are extremely impressed with the way Declan understands and learns. Since much of UPD14/PAT is unknown, we weren't sure how much he could and would learn. We are pleased to say, he's definitely a typical three year old with a sense of direction like no other. Seriously, if he came to your house once or twice, he would remember the way. He learns things so quickly ,that we know God has a hand in his life. 
  • He's still learning how to process certain things. For instance, questions. If you ask him a question, he may just repeat what you said. " Declan how was school?" He would then say " How school." He knows what you are talking about, but he doesn't quite understand how to respond yet. Yes or no questions aren't easily answered. Although, he seems to say no a lot, haha! Another example would be if I were to ask him if we wants juice or food. He won't say yes, but instead will answer "juice " or "food" in agreement.
So, yes we still have so much to accomplish BUT how amazing has his progress been??! We are so truly grateful and thank the Lord daily for His healing power. Each day we see the manifestation of his healing, even if just a little bit at a time. 

I ask that you continue to pray for us and for Declan. We believe that if two or three people stand together, there, God is. 

PS. Here's a picture of little bro, Reed. He adores Dex and their relationship is starting to really grow. I'll post more on that dynamic soon!

Please ask to use any pictures.

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