June Updates

Hey Everyone!

I thought I should update you before our new little babe arrives! I hope you all are doing well and this year is a good one. I can't believe it's already June!

Here are a few updates with Dex that I thought I would share. I'll have more detailed posts soon...


  • We were able to move some things around so we actually have one day off during the week! Whoo hoo! Dex has a 3 hour session on Mondays & Fridays including group, individual PT and individual Speech. Tuesdays and Wednesday he has OT. He's really been thriving and we are so thankful for all of his therapists and for early intervention programs!
  • Group Sessions have been so much better! He's been interacting more with his friends and mom and dad have been able to step out and even grab a cup of coffee. AMEN!
  • Speech has been going well. He's learning new things each week and talking up a storm. It's still a little hard to understand him, but he tries so hard! He's even counting to ten now and that is beyond cool. 
  • Dex is starting to run a little , which is a great sign. He still has a ways to go, but we love to watch him run around the house or run around with his cousins. We'll have a checkup with the orthopedic specialist soon.


  • Dex's breathing is good. At night we still need to watch him as sometimes his breathing seems a bit labored. Normally I need to move him to a different position and that helps. We'll need to keep twice yearly check ups with the ENT doctor to make sure his system runs smoothly
  • He still has a little trouble with controlling his saliva but it has improved dramatically! Almost to the place of not needing his bibs everyday. His Pediatrician put him on Zyrtec to help with his control. It's more medicine, but it's better than having him on the Robinul which made him so groggy and tired. 

  • Dex and his appetite are basically best friends, ha! He eats a lot and we are so thankful for that. He' still learning how to use utensils, but drinking from an open cup is going so well!
  • Some foods he has trouble with, like chips , pretzels and lettuce but he's definitely improving. 
These are just a few updates and as I mentioned before, I'll have a detailed post coming soon! In the mean time we are getting ready for baby #2 to arrive! He'll be here by next week and we are so excited and preparing for life with two cool babes!

God has been just so faithful to us!

Talk to you all soon

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