Lots of Bibs...

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's been a bit since out last post and so much has happened since then. Dex started speech therapy, we were told he only needs one day a week for individual PT and we announced baby #2 is on the way! Dex also turned the big TWO. There were many more things but I'll save the rest for blog posts. 

It's been a couple of months since Dex has started speech and we have seen so much improvement! He's said things like 'mama ' & 'daddy' for while now, but hearing him say more words is so encouraging. Since seeing his therapist his new words are " go", "bubbles, " hi," hat," "help," and a host of others words he tries very hard to say. It's so funny to hear him try to have a two year old conversation with you. 

We had another full evaluation and as far as his understanding, he is exactly where he should be! You don't know how ecstatic and thankful to God we were to hear that. There are a few areas, physically, that he is still a bit delayed in but that was to be expected due to his low muscle tone. But to be able to talk to him and he can understand is music to our ears. His will most likely be in speech for a while due to his low muscle tone and his inability to form words properly (for now). We trust that God is still working in Declan and He is still making all things work together for Declan's good

One of the things that we pray speech will help with is Dex's mouth closure. It has been much better however he still has a little trouble controlling his saliva and keeping his mouth closed. Especially when he's doing multiple things at once like playing with toys etc... I love his cute little bibs, I really do, but we are praying that he doesn't have to wear them much longer and we don't have to put him back on any additional meds. 

That's our request for you this week! In your time, will you pray for our little two year old. Pray that he will control his saliva , that he will have proper mouth closure and form words clearly. Your support of  Declan means the absolute world to us and we so appreciate you!

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  1. You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers! I'm on the hunt for some of these cute bibs for our new little one. Any suggestions? I just ordered Max a shirt from your shop :)