It's been a little bit since our last post and I'm so sorry for that! We have definitely been busy bees around here. If you follow us on Instagram, I try to give updates here and there on Declan and our little family. You can follow us over at @mrsbrum >>>

One of the amazing things that has happened over the past couple of months, is that I have talked to at least 3 different families with a child that has UPD14. They all found our blog! God is so so good and I love that we can connect with families and they can also connect with us. If you're reading this please know you are not alone in your journey! ( Whatever journey that may be )

So, on to more good news >>

Every three months ( or 26 sessions ) Dex has an evaluation . Most kids in therapy have this to see what their progress is and if they met all of their goals from the previous eval. Today Declan had his PT (physical therapy ) eval. A few of his previous goals were: Climbing, kicking a ball, throwing, etc. Well, today Dex met all but one of his goals! The only thing we really need to work on is kicking ( for now). He tries, that's for sure, but he needs to pick his feet up and actually kick the ball. We are sooo incredibly proud and thankful for his continued progress and his motivation to do every activity! Again, God is good and we are so grateful for the way he is using Declan. 

We can't keep him from climbing the stairs now, Uh oh! 

Now, there are some things that we are still concerned about and we would love your continued prayers for:

Acid Reflux- Dex has had this since birth and lately it's been flaring up making it a bit harder for him to control his saliva. We want to eventually take him off Zantac so we need your prayers for that!

Saliva Control - Dex used to be on a medication called Robinul which helps with saliva control. It basically dried up excess saliva. While we are thankful for modern medicine and the resources God has given us, I really am not thrilled with the side effects. Dex had dry mouth & it made him sleepy. So if we can avoid that, that would be GREAT!

Speech - Dex is trying his hardest to say words and we LOVE it. One of the things we have been praying for is, for him to form clear words. He starts speech therapy this Friday and we are very excited to see him soar!

Sleeping - Dex doesn't sleep through the night. It could be totally normal but he works so hard every single day that it would be great for him to get a good night's sleep in his bed :) 

Neurological exam - Dex will have a checkup soon with the Neurologist. It's mostly just a check up, but there are a few concerns with his muscles - how they act and re-act. 
We know who's report we believe! 

So, that's it for now. We'll be back soon with updates!


  1. Just found your blog through Instagram. I had never heard of UPD14 and had to look it up. Your voice (through this blog) is so optimistic and I found myseld cheering for little Declan for all his accomplishments.


  2. Thank you so much Oni!! I really appreciate your kind comments and thank for cheering on our little guy! Take care :)