Hernia Today- Gone tomorrow

Sorry for the extremely cheeky title but I just had to :)

This post is so late but I still wanted to let you all know how Declan's surgery went. In a nut-shell it went well with no complications and he was up and running by the third recovery day. Of course Mike and I were a little nervous as to be expected. I'm sure anyone who's child has to undergo a procedure would be a little nervous and praying that all goes well. Dex is such a trooper and God is always good, so we knew we needed not to worry. 

The day before his procedure we all went to an Angel game, Dex had a blast with his cousins and it was just the thing we needed to relax before the big day.

The day of his surgery we arrived to the hospital and we were treated so well. This was a new place that we were not used to and we were a little unsure of how the process would be. But the staff was very accommodating and our experience was pleasant. Mike was able to go back with Dex as the anesthesiologist sedated him. It only took a few seconds and he was out light a light. The procedure began and so did the waiting. 

(Totally blurry picture but Dex didn't want to stand still, lol! )

Once the procedure was complete, his surgeon came out and explained everything. During the process, the doctor noticed that his hernia was actually larger than they had anticipated. We all knew it was large but his little belly had to have a little larger incision than planned. That also meant lots of extra skin. Right now, his "belly button" looks like a big flat piece of wrinkly skin. (It's actually kind of cute ) . With time and as Declan grows, the skin will stretch and it will become more like a typical navel. Even though it looks a little strange and even a few little kids have asked "what's wrong," we are so incredibly thankful that we had the opportunity to have the surgery. Circumstances could always be worse and God is always faithful to us. Making all things work together for our good. 

The day after Surgery 

3 days later & as happy as can be! 

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