Walking Baby & Nail Biting

Declan is officially a walking toddler! PRAISE GOD! He prefers it now. Although crawling is still very prevalent, he mainly starts off with a walk. We could not be more thrilled, thankful and excited. Oh and we are also terrified because now we have to baby proof everything. Ha!

This past weekend, we spent time with our family and he had a blast with his cousins and I really think that gave him the boost to want to walk more. 

His fear of the pool also went away this weekend. I seriously prayed for that because it's been waaay too hot lately, LOL! Look at that squishy smile. ( He was playing Patty-Cake with his auntie) 

In two weeks Dex will have Hernia surgery. Nail-biting is an understatement. I'm a little nervous, trusting God completely, but that flesh likes to creep in and turn my stomach. 

We just had his pre-op appointment last week and we are so thankful for the amazing doctors and nurses God has placed in our lives. The surgery will take place in a new hospital for us, one we are not too familiar with but we know God has placed us in Good hands. According to his surgeon, the procedure will only last about an hour and the recovery time will be a few days. We are thankful he can recover at home with us and be comfortable. 

While my mama nerves are definitely in full force, I am grateful that we are able to get Dex the help he needs. We are able to live in a place where he can get the best care, therapy is available and he is able to thrive. Things could be so much worse. We are beyond blessed. Not without trials, but we are blessed. Thank you Lord.

I do ask that you pray for us and pray for steady hands for the Doctor and Nurses. Pray for our peace and a speedy recovery/low pain for Declan. We can't thank you enough for all the support and love you have shown us! 


  1. Awwww...Declan will be fine. Jess and I are n agreement for a great surgery and speedy recovery

    1. Thanks Joey! Dex has the best cousins ;)