Therapy & and more Therapy

Monday Morning- Alarm goes off at 6:30 am. I hop in the shower and get dressed ( okay maybe after hitting snooze 5 times). 7:00 am I get Dex ready grab a quick bite to eat or milk, then off to our two therapy sessions by 8 am. We repeat this 3 times per week. Dex has 4 sessions; two on Mondays, one on Weds and one on Thursdays. It may seem like a lot to some or maybe not a lot at all but it's our routine, and I thank God for it.

One of the characteristics of UPD 14/PAT is Hypotonia or 'low muscle tone' . You may have heard this term before used in children with Down's Syndrome or other well known chromosome abnormalities, and it is quite common and one of the first things doctors check for at birth. If not, here is a quick definition:

Hypotonia is a state of low muscle tone[1] (the amount of tension or resistance to stretch in a muscle), often involving reduced muscle strength

I am a huge advocate for early intervention and Declan started receiving therapy almost immediately. UCI has an occupational/physical therapist on staff in the NICU and she worked with him and also referred us the wonderful therapist we see now. Once he was discharged from the NICU we had a couple of evaluations and he started his weekly schedule at 3 months. At first it was hard to see him struggle with things like picking his head up because he also had Torticollis. He had trouble with his head rotation as well. But with just a few sessions we started seeing a major improvement. He was lifting his head by 4-5 months, rolling over at 4 months and sitting independently by 7 months. He wasn't too far behind and I just began to thank God, because things could be much worse.

Crawling has been a bit of a challenge. Dex scooted, or ' army crawled' for a while. He would get on his hands and knees but would not move forward. He did not start crawling on all fours until he was 14 months (he's 17 months now), but when he did He was EVERYWHERE. What a blessing! once he started cruising on his feet and learning to stand, crawling sort of took a back seat =)

Some of the other things Declan is learning now is climbing, throwing & of course walking. Walking, he can totally do it but this little booger likes to hold hands. Okay, I totally don't mind =) 

Here's a a video clip of our weekend park trip. He's coming along so well and we are thankful God is choosing us to show his healing power and his oh so amazing grace.


More on therapy and feeding in the next post 

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