Making Moves with no Tubes!

I hope you all had a wonderful mother's day weekend. I just wanted to take a moment and say a special thank you to all of the mama's out there that may not physically be with their littles right now. Some of you may have lost or had one's adopted. Please know you are still an amazing mom and God loves you so so much. 

Are you ready to hear a funny and pretty sweet Monday story?  Keep reading > 

If you follow our Instagram account, you may have seen that Dex was scheduled to have his g-tube out this month, May. We were so incredibly happy to hear that his GI doctor was confident that he would continue to thrive without it and since we hadn't used it since Christmas, we also felt confident. He has also been making huge strides and is really close to walking. 

The moment we knew that Dex was fully ready to eat everything by mouth was the day after Christmas. We were visiting family and one of his cousins had a sippy cup on the table. There were about 10 adults around yet somehow not one of us saw him grab the cup. He starts to drink it! Not just a sip , I mean we all could have yelled " CHUG CHUG CHUG!" Mike and I up to this point had really only given him sips through a regular straw and he did well with that and he only had water, milk or watered down apple juice. Well that day after Christmas he had a treat, what we thought was grape juice was in fact, ROOT BEER [ insert side eye here ]! SO, yea I'd say he was more than ready to get that tube out. ( on a side note, the kid that the cup belonged to was old enough to a have a soda treat )

After a few months of making sure he did not aspirate and he could handle liquids we had a date to get the feeding tube out - May 5th, 2014. That was a week a ago, today and that day could not have started out any better...

Dex had is normal therapy session in the morning ( I'll share more on that in a later post ) and it was nice because dad took that day off too! During his Occupational session his therapist comes out and tells us that Dex stood alone for 7 seconds and took one step by himself! What ?!? We were so excited! Anyone who has a child with hypotonia knows how that moment felt which was amazing! Then, during is second session with his Physical therapist, Mike and I went in during the last 10 mins and Dex took two more steps on his own and we were able to see it together! Gosh, God certainly knows how to time things, right?! Needless to say we were on cloud 12 ( not 9 ). 

A couple of hours later we were set to leave for Declan's appointment to have his tube removed. The process is quite simple but of course his doctor has to check the site and place a pressure bandage on it for a bit. We had a little time before his appointment, so we let Dex play around on the floor with his toys and Bodie. Dex had a diaper change and was just roaming around in his onesie and diaper before I put his pants on. 

Before I continue and if you don't know, can I just say how Hilarious God is. No, really he has the best sense of humor. 

I noticed that Dex seemed a bit tired and I thought I would try to rock him to sleep before we left. I also noticed that he was pulling his shirt up and down, which he always does. The next few moments went something like this...

Me: " come on dex. let's take nap and relax for a bit. " 
- I start to rub his belly. I rub his belly a little more. I rub his belly and notice something is missing.
Me: " oh my gosh!!!'
Mike: " what!!"
Me: " oh my gosh . oh my gosh. oh my gosh."
Mike" Babe, what is it !!??!!"
Me: " the tube is gone! '
Mike: "what do you mean?"
Me: " declan's g-tube! It's gone, where is it! OH MY GOSH"
Mike: " wait, what- it's gone? "
Me: It's gone, I can't find it, I can't find it. 
- we are crawling around on the floor
Dex: " haha. da da da. ma ma. ha ha ha
Mike: " I can't find it"
Me:  I can't find it "
Dex: " haha goo goo dada "
Bodie: '" YUM, that was good **drool** "

Yea, you guess it. Declan took out his own g-tube and fed it to Bodie. the dog. He had never done this before. He never really played with it and for the most part we kept it covered. At the time were freaking out and we only had about 10 mins before we had to leave. Once we arrived, thank the Lord, his doctor thought it was funny and all was well. His site looked great, it wasn't leaking and Dex was in no pain at all. On the way home Mike and I just looked at each other and laughed. No more tube & 5.5.2014 would be a day would never forget!

I guess this kid knew what day it was and I think God was having a little fun with us. Good one, God, good one.

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