I need to write this.

I have to apologize to anyone who follows my twitter page or any posts on Facebook. I got caught up in the moment yesterday. I think we all did. After hearing about the Death of Osama Bin Laden, I like many of you felt this overwhelming feeling of patriotism and that justice was served. No, there is nothing wrong with loving your country and fellow countrymen but there is something wrong with rejoicing about a person's death even an enemy's death. Even if it is the most hated man or someone who has committed the most heinous crimes. Vengeance is the Lord's. And many people won't agree or maybe don't want to hear this but The Lord loved him and longed for his love just like he longs for you and me. Plain and simple.

What Osama Bin Laden did was wrong! Incredibly sad and hurt so many of us. But these are the times where we as "Christians" have to stand out.

Yesterday I praised Pres. Bush & Obama for starting and continuing the War. I should not have. I was emotional. I felt so convicted today. I was actually showing that I was pleased someone was killed. That is not how God would have liked me to react.

I do NOT condone war or an "eye for an eye." I do love our troops and I know they must do as they are commanded. I am also glad we do have some sort of closure. I pray for their safety, our safety.

These are the days the Bible speaks of and I must live what I believe. So again, I am sorry but so thankful I serve such a loving and Forgiving God who let's me know when I am wrong.

I am proud to be an American but even prouder to be called a child of God.

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