Just Checking in...

Hey everyone! Just wanted to check in with you...

Blogging can be so therapeutic sometimes. Today I felt like a punching bag at work. Do you ever feel that way? You know, someone is having a bad day ( alot of days) and they take it out on you, but you can't do much about it. Or you can do something, but you want to be an example at work. you know, when people have to find something uncessary to yell at because they have issues? Well instead of sulking about it and wanting to let out my frustrations, I channeled the energy into something productive and worked on my upcoming print shop today. I designed a couple of new prints that I can't wait to share with you all!!! Now, they aren't these masterful art pieces , hahaha, but just prints that could be an accent to any room =). If I get home early enough tomorrow, I'll take some pictures for all of you. I really hope to have the shop open soon!

Challenge update:
It's definitely been a challenge, but I thank God for Bible Iphone apps, faithful family , friends and my Faithful loving God! It's hard to keep up but I love that I can lay in bed open up the Bible App and read away!

My eyes have been opened lately. Opened to see to my flaws ( that's a good thing), opened to see my good, realizing more and more what I want out of life and how I want to live it. Thank God.  SO, I won't hold myself to update you all everyday, but maybe once a week. Kind of like a re-cap. Not too much pressure and not too overwhelming for you super wonderful awesome readers.

I do want to tell you all that I feel good. Outside of work. I am happy , I don't want any of you thinking "what a complainer" but just that I want to help and inspire others. I want to lift you all up and build myself up too! Love love love life,  love smiling, and I love you!

See, feeling better already! See you all soon =)
Walk on Water

P.S. I just want to thank my hubby Mike. He always listens to me and lets me vent when I need to. He even cooked dinner tonight =) Love him ...

okay it's getting late and time to go to bed, good night!

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