Mom's have the best advice...

So some of you know how stressful things have been lately . Now before you start the wheels in your head turning, it's not that bad. I've just been desiring a new job and with my current one hindering me from pursuing my hobbies ( like the print shop) it gets hard. Our desire to start a family and it not happening yet, is also a bit stressful. Wanting to be the best wife I can =) Now don't get me wrong, I am happy and I am so thankful for how far God has already brought us!!! I try very much to have a smile on my face every day and I don't like complaining--it's not an attractive trait. The thing is , my brain feels fried and is constantly racing. Fried from thinking so much, trying to find my way, my niche ,being worn out mentally and physically. Just finding myself. The enemy trying to attack my family with illness ( that will NOT prosper). So I talked to my mom and seriously moms have THE BEST advice!

Her advice was so simple. She said: Write it down. Write things down that you need to get accomplished daily. Just for the day. Focus on that. WOW! How simple is that. So I tried it and it so worked. Yesterday I felt a little less overwhelmed and a bit more organized. Seeing things crossed off on paper instead of checking them off in my head made me feel a bit less "stressed."

Another thing that I found that has helped me and I really recommend is listening to something positive in the mornings. I started downloading the Joyce Meyer and the Joel Osteen Podcast on Itunes (they're free) and just getting a dose of the word before I start my day. It's been really awesome and uplifting. To know that even though I am having a rough day the Lord makes all things work together for my good. Yes, that's right. Everything is working together for your good! So, no worries, no stress ( yea I may slip sometimes) trusting and even venting sometimes.

I Love that God has blessed my sister and I with the best mother one could ask for. She always knows how to put things into perspective =)

walk on water...


  1. i am totally a list maker. i love love love lists. and once i can cross anything off of matter what it is i feel a sense of accomplishment!
    great advice:)))

  2. Yes, Just something that simple can help so much!!