DAY 5..

Hey everyone!

Time for a day 5 re-cap.  It was good! I like Monday because I don't have to go into the office and I can take. my. time. So I got up and while I fixed a little breakfast I listened to part 3 & 4 of Joyce's series " Obey God & Be blessed"

One of the main points :
The whole purpose of the Gospel is to unify the body of Christ. Not being Prideful over our own made up doctrines. Imagine what we as Christians could do if we all came together. Stop segregating ourselves in different denominations. God wants us to be whole. Just imagine what we can do. If two or three are gathered in His Name, there he is. What if thousands stood together, or millions. WOW! The things that can be done through Christ.

I heard some good news today and I am tearing up as I write this...
My Family has been in constant prayer since the diagnosis of my Grandmother with cancer. See the enemy thought he had us. HA! He thought this would break our faith. HA!!  Don't you know that our God is an awesome GOD. He is the one the heals!

My Grandmother is now Cancer Free. CANCER FREE!!!! She has been healed.
My Faith has been renewed 200 times over.

Walk on Water...

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