Day 5..

Before I start Day 5 .. I just wanted to share with you all that I really love sharing this challenge of change with you. During this time Please Please don't think I am bragging or trying to push my faith on you. The one thing as a Christian we should not do is brag about our faith, and what we accomplish. Why? Because it is not us, It's HIM that causes things to be. I am just so excited for the things to come for all of us and I want to share God's love and His message. These next few days may turn some of you off or may cause some of you to roll your eyes at me, but God is doing something wonderful and I can't miss it.

Day 5 .. Sunday!

I love Sunday Mornings. Something about being at Church just really encourages. Worship was great and just being able to sing to the Lord without worrying about who's watching or listening is so refreshing. My Grandfather taught a great message about wanting to know Jesus not for what he can do for us but to really get to know Jesus for his heart and striving to be that way...

Day 5 was good =)

It was Mike's dad's birthday so we had some family time and it was nice. ( body is still super tired, but feeling much better =)

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