Day 2 & 3

Hey Everyone! Don't worry I didn't forget about you guys. Just had a minor set back yesterday so I have do two posts today =)

Day two??
Went well, Got up early =)  although I stayed in the bed, I spent some time and prayed for my family's health, grabbed my computer and listen to part two of Joyce's series " Obey God and be blessed." 

One of the main points brought up was : Stop bragging about you spirituality ...

Kind of hit me hard. You know, share your faith but don't think you are better than anyone for it. Be proud of our God but don't think you are above anyone.

Sometimes I think as Christians we can act " Holier than thou" yup, I have been guilty of that at times. But we just have to sort bring our heads out of the clouds... If I only spend 15 mins praying everyday and someone else may spend 2 hours, that doesn't make any of us better than anyone. 15 minutes of quality time with God is just as pleasing to Him =)

Stay tuned for day 3...

walk on water

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