You know when you plan to do something, or complete a goal and it seems so much easier when you are really held accountable? Like, when you go to the gym with a friend or start eating more healthy with your spouse? It's always good to have those people to "hold you accountable" to keep you in line and remind you when you may falter or slack off a bit. I know I am so much better at completing things when I know someone is counting on me. It also helps me to be more reliable ,consistent , helps me to start good habits and learn to do them on my own...

So what am I getting at? Well, I know the Lord has been really pulling & tugging at me to do my part. I want so many things for myself. , my marriage and our family. I admit I haven't been really doing my part as diligently as I should. Yea, I pray daily, listen to good uplifting music, try and stay positive. I need to do more. I need to really be in my word daily, pay my tithes consistently,  trust God COMPLETELY! So, I need your help! I need to be held accountable for the things I say I will do!

For the next 30 days, starting today Tuesday 3/22 I will be the change. I want to start doing my part. I will have a new blog post each day about my progress and let you know little bits and pieces of what I did that day, or what I discovered, things I accomplished or simply how I just felt that day...

The details...
  • I will start getting up earlier each day to read the Word in depth- (not just a few scriptures here and there a few times a week)
  • I will pay my tithes and give an offering no matter what. Even if that means I can't buy those new pair of shoes or new accessory for the house. ( a goal I plan to keep forever)
  • I will take the time to exercise outside in the morning
  • I will make more of an effort to be a good homemaker and wife ( you know keeping the house up, no procrastinating, cooking when I can )
  • I will not be afraid to go for my dreams and desires
  • I will take some time every night to work on my upcoming Print Shop
  • I will work on myself everyday finding my own identity. Not a mirror of someone else ( it's no fun trying to be someone else anyway)
  • Continue to take the time to keep myself up- no matter how I may feel that day
  • Continue to pray and believe God for this Job and the change I desire
  • Finish reading " RE-shaping it All" ( no more putting it off)
Why am basically letting all of you know my personal thoughts and telling you all of this?? Well, lately I have been letting my emotions get to me. I come home tired and drained from work and use that as an excuse not to do certain things I planned to do. The enemy is trying to take hold of my family with illness and that's draining too. Not being able to conceive yet- frustrating and draining. Because of this I find myself pushing things to the side and just doing the bare minimum. While it is totally okay to take some time to reflect and just rest your mind, I WILL NOT LET IT CONTROL ME! I will not be selfish. I will not let the enemy have his way and keep me from trying. I will not let the enemy win. You see, Satan knows that it's time to prosper so he's pulling all the stops. But you know what? The victory is WON! I Serve an awesome God and nothing is impossible for Him. Therefore nothing is impossible for me ( and you) ....

I figured if I put it out there I HAVE to do it. You all see it now, so I need to deliver.

I always appreciate all you and your encouragement!!!  =) See you all tomorrow with the first update!

Walk on Water...

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  1. Dave read me Psalm 37 this morning and said he's been praying that for our family. I love when God calls us to step out and challenges us. It usually means He has an amazing blessing right around the corner.

    Thank you for your authenticity and heart T.