A Day in the Life...of me

Sweet Tiffani over at The House Of Belonging blog always has the most inspirational posts and great ideas to get people to encourage one another. Today she hosted a link up party- What is a day like for you? I thought I would participate.

This will be short but honest...

I get up, complain in my head that I don't want to go to work
Take the Dog for a walk
Get ready for work
Get to work - realize how much I want a change
Try to be positive even though it gets hard
Sit in traffic for 45 mins on the way home -complaining about the traffic that I know is already there
Day Dream about things I want to do

Come home to a loving husband who is very sympathetic

What I would love to change...

Getting up earlier to spend more time with God and his word...
So I wont complain
So I will be willing to put forth the effort to change
To Be Positive always
Trust God and believe that I can do anything with Him by my side
Still come home to a loving husband =)

Check out Tiffani's Blog here!


  1. Very honest post! I think many of us have days like this. I am thankful that God is patient with us and loves us no matter what type of day we might be having :)

  2. He is SO patient..He gives grace for truth...that is where change begins...His hands are tied...so to speak when we are not honest. He never ever gives up...he knows we are imperfect and always will be...He choose us...incredible isn't it? Love your honesty...and your sharing

  3. So true sweet ladies! God Loves us and wants the best. We have the tools we just have to trust God and trust he knows what he is doing =)