God's been good to us...

After two years and 1000 prayers later, it's official! WE ARE HOMEOWNERS!!!

Yes, that's right. God said now is the time and we have keys in hand! We are so utterly excited, relieved, overjoyed, tired ( ha ha) and just plain thankful. Thankful for the love and support of our families. The encouragement of our friends and Faithfulness of our Lord.

No, it has not been easy. Yes, we had our doubts (many times) but we didn't give up. It's here, finally here and we couldn't be happier.

Now how about that baby??? HA!!

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  1. congrats guys! god is good! so happy for you T!

  2. Thanks Liza girl!!! Loving Chad's pictures by the way :)

  3. A huge Congratulations to you!! God IS awesome! Where is this wonderful new home?

  4. Thank you!! It's a townhome in Cerritos :) Cant wait to decorate!