When, where and why??

Ever have that feeling that everyone and everything is passing you by and you start asking when is it our turn?? You think, finally something is happening for you and then in an instant things are back to square one? I have to admit, those thoughts have tried to discourage me and take my optimism away. I realize it is totally okay to have these feelings, but then I also know I can't dwell what "seems" to be negative.

Mike and I have been waiting a while now for certain things to happen for us and let me tell you it's been a mentally frustrating two years. Now, let me back up a bit before anyone gets any ideas LOL.  Next week we will be celebrating two years of marriage, that is not the frustrating part. Our marriage has been nothing short of wonderful and the Lord blesses us each day and makes our marriage stronger and stronger.

We have been in the market to purchase our first home for quite sometime now, literally right after we got married and we have just not been successful. Lately it's just been a whirlwind of emotions and honestly quite discouraging. But as always, God knows what he is doing.

I've come to realize during this time of (semi-patiently) waiting , the Lord has truly been showing us things about ourselves. During this time of being still I have been show things about my self that I didn't know existed. I totally have a creative side (more details to come later) that I never really played into. My husband has had the chance to really study is photography and is becoming better and better at it. ( Some awesome projects coming up soon ). I have been collecting tons and tons of ideas for our future and am now a little happy we "have" to wait!

God knows what he is doing, It's just up to us to actually let him have his way and bless us in his time.

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

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  1. I like your positivity about the waiting:) That is the hardest thing...our attitude while we are waiting. I KNOW the perfect house is waiting for you two:) Thanks for linking up today::))

  2. Thanks Tiffini! I love your intentionally brave idea! Keep it going =)

  3. I know I'm posting on this blog kinda late, but, honestly, even though I've seen your blog on fb before, this is the 1st time I've come on and read your site. =X Anyway, we had been looking to buy a house for 2 years also and it was BEYOND frustrating ... especially as we entered our 4th year of living at my parent's house. =/ When we finally bought our home ... It was definitely not the home of our dreams ... and not what I thought we would end up with or WHERE we would end up at ... BUT ... the timing turned out to be perfect and the location has turned out to be perfect ... and now any time I feel impatient or frustrated about anything, I just remind myself of what God has done for us and how His plan may not always be my plan ... BUT HIS plan is always better. =)