It's been a while

I just realized it's been a while since my last post here on this blog. I have been so consumed with work,family and life in general, I just neglected this one. Sorry about that! I consider this one, my more "personal" LOL!

What has been going on lately? Well, a little bit of everything!

I have been really working on the blog Everyday + You and trying to find great ideas to post and also share things I am learning along the way. Check it out here!  It's become such a fun new hobby. I hope one day it will take off =)

 I have started thinking about a new career path ( details to come at a later date) one that is totally opposite from what I went to school for. It's going to take a while to get started but it will allow me to really help others and I can't wait to tell you all one day =)

Mike and I are going to start looking for a home again. That in itself will keep us super busy. Our first run at it wasn't the best experience, but with fresh eyes and hearts I know we will succeed this time around. Once we do purchase our home, I promise to add our progress on this blog of all of our decorating and renovating.

This June I will celebrate my 30th birthday! Yes, I do feel a bit weird about that but excited as well! 30 should be a great year. I'm in a good place in my life and feeling good about myself and I'm looking forward to growing up =)

 My Husband has a new passion, photography! He is so good at his new venture so we will have alot of trips to take some great shots planned.

Well that's it for now, well today, and I promise to post more here :) 

I leave you with a shot taken by my husband Mike 

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