Hubby's Photography

My husband Mike has a new hobby, Photography (he's quite good at it for just starting out)!  I love his work so much and I am so proud of him that I thought I would share a few pictures he recently took. He doesn't know I am doing this and being the modest person that he is his face would be red right about now! ha! But I am so proud of him ( did I already say that)

In the background is our 78lb Lab Bodie

Taken by the L.A. River

An old bench in the town of Cambria, CA

Side of an old bulding in Carmel, CA

Windmill in Solvang, CA

Taken in Las Vegas (of course) during my Bro-in law's wedding


  1. Thanks babe for the support in my new passion. Your encouragement gives me the drive to keep getting better and make you as proud of me as possible. Thank you and Love You!

  2. Sup (ha!) and I like the one near the river :)