Are you the same on Monday ?

This past Sunday during church, we had our monthly Royal Daughter's class. As always, my mom did a great job in sharing her lesson. She raised a very importnat point during our class: Are we the same person Monday we were on Sunday? Meaning, are you that same "Godly" individual when we are going about our week.

Uhh guilty! I for one have had those moments where what I said or did does not come close to what I believe or how I want people to know me. There have been times where the light of the Lord was not shining very brightly through me ( lol). I say this becuase God wants us to know it's okay and he know's your heart. He know's that sometimes the flesh can take over BUT as long as we are striving each day to be more and more like Him He wont forsake us!

I encourage all of you (and me) to live your best life possible. Live like God is watching you ( He is ) and be that person you were meant to be (in Christ)! Let's say and do the things the Lord will be proud of! Yea, were going to slip up and were not going to be perfect but it's okay! The more we strive to be like Him, the easier it gets and the better we feel. The more we do it, we are even that much more of an example and encouragement others.

Walk on water!

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  1. Thanks for your encouragement. I am taking a big step of faith on this one. I am not putting to much pressure on myself to get all perfect (bc I do that often). You're post meant so much to me. Thanks. xo