Restoration... can be a struggle

It simply amazes me that as soon as you come to the realization that you are worthy and when you are ready to become what you are made to be, how quickly things change. For me, the past couple of years I have not lived up to the standards God has for me. I would become easily intimidated, low self esteem, not confident in my own skin etc.. Much of that stemed from certain situations that have occured in my life and certain people but alot of those feelings and my attitude, my complaining was a direct result of how I let those situations effect me. I have prayed for restoration over my life and other's have as well. Through my faith, God has truly opened my eyes and heart to see "me" and revealed others to me as well. I am now extremely happy to be so far removed from those feelings that I am ready to take on the world.

Here's the thing; the enemy (satan) hates when we finally realize good and not evil. He does whatever he can to make if difficult to succeed. And boy let me tell you, he does a good job at sending bad thoughts our way. With my new found sense of self I have noticed that it's a bit of a struggle to maintain good thoughts at all times. There are situations (and people) thrown at you to test you. Lately, I have been tested, and really having to get rid of the thoughts that are not condusive to my overall healing. The Lord has been showing me the importance of self worth and the importance of what He says in His word," As a man thinketh, so is he." I refuse to let past hurts surface and take over my life again.

I shared this with all of you for two reasons. One: to express my gratitude for the change in my heart and mind that the Lord has done. Two: To let anyone who is going through similar things know you are worthy and God wants great things for you. The thing is , you have to believe it and own it.

I love you with the love of the Lord

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