31 Proverbs in 31 days...

If you are familiar with Twitter, you know that you can get some cool info and get a sort of intimate look at your favorite celebs, singers, etc... I follow the Christian artist, Natalie Grant and she posted something a few days ago that I thought I would share. She posted that she would do 31 proverbs in 31 days! That's a chapter a day for one month. What a great idea! One of my hardest challenges is to get into a daily regimine of studying the Word. It's always so easy to say I will start tomorrow but can always find the time to watch my favorite TV show every week. God only asks that we do a few things for Him and I felt so convicted that I could not even give a few moments to read a few verses.

So, I am on day 4 ( I know a little behind) and it feels great!  Proverbs is such a great tool for your everyday life and gives you the foundation you need to build better relationships and live your life the best you can! I can't wait to finish and then do it all over again! Let's do it together =)


This has been such a powerful experience, learning so much about wisdom, knowledge, and faith! The Word is our life coach, our guide, the place we need to delve into everyday to know where we are going and where we should be. Proverbs teaches about discernment, making wise choices and not giving to temptation. I really recommnend this to everyone. Read this over and over again, it will chamge your life!

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