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As we get closer to our 30's we start looking for more grown up skin care products that don't scream " Teen Acne!" So lately I have been on the hunt for some good quality, yet inexpensive products that work well and that I can share with you. I have a couple for you today

I have fallen in love with the Aveeno line of products for your face. The daily skin brightening scrub is great for daily use. I recently discovered the Ageless Warming Scrub and WOW, it is awesome! When it says it warms, it does! It's perfect if you like to wash your face in the shower ( I do) and it makes your skin look and feel smooth and clean. You can find them both at target for under $7.00 each, what a deal! And for you frugal shoppers, there is usually a target brand to match for a buck or two less!

The only con with these two awesome products is they are not really a makeup remover , so you will need to add an extra step. If you are like me and are worried about over scrubbing, I would suggest the make up removing pads ( Target brand will run you about $3.00) . They are gentle and get the job done and after you can scrub away!

Check out thier website for complete product info: Aveeno

I will look out for more products soon and blog about them!

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