30 day update

Well, its time for the 30 day update! Let me tell you, it has definitely been a challenge. When you set your mind to do something its easy to forget about the obstacles that come your way. We started off so good and followed our plan to the T for about 2 weeks. Week 3? Slacking became the operative word. When you compromise one day it's so much easier to do so for the rest. So with one week out, we have decided to extend to our time to 45 days! We are still determined to start and continue these good habits. I love that we can share this with you all and also share our "struggles" so to speak. I hope you all will keep us in your thoughts , it's always good to have people lift you up and encourage even if it's just the smallest of things.

I also want to encourage all of you; if you have something you want to accomplish , go for it ! Don't worry about what others may say or think because ultimately you have to do what makes you happy. Do things at your pace , but remember that you will feel so good when you have accomplished your goal. God has such great plans for us! Don't be scared to move forward!

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