Real Estate...An unfair practice?

My husband and I have been house hunting for quite some time now and If I new how stressful, time consuming, and backwards it was to purchase a home I would have started saving as soon as I got my first part time job! Why is that investors have more pull over first time home buyers? I thought real estate was one of the few industries where they try to help people. WRONG, its just another money hungry business filled with money hungry agents and banks who just want , you guessed it, money!

Now here is where my faith comes in, I am a believer in Christ and that all things are possible through Him! Even when it seems to be no way, God will make a way. So why am I getting upset at why this is taking so long? Why am I letting this get to my husband and I ? Hmm, maybe it's God trying to tell us something:"uh hello Brumbelow's its in My time not yours!" Okay Lord, I hear ya... we just need to be patient, and not look at what others have as a comparison, they are not us, God has a different plan for everyone!

So I will continue to trust God and know that we will have a house soon,wherever that house may be. No matter what the market conditions and the experts and everyone else who has something to say about it wants us to believe. Yes it's really stressful and you wonder why us? We're doing everything the right way? But like is said, its not our plan we need to follow, its God's . So we will wait and see what He has in store for us...

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  1. I am sooooo frustrated with it to babe. We definately need to just trust the lord.