The Five S's

Once a Month , my mom teaches a class at our church for women. It's mainly geared toward young women and she teaches us about how to become wonderful ,Godly women , wives, mothers etc... We have been learning about Esther, who was considered a heroine to the Jewish people and who was a strong woman who stood up for what she believed in and the people she loved. With this influence, my mom presented us with the five S's. I really found this so worth sharing with everyone, not only because I believe it is important, but it was such a confirmation of what I had been thinking and wanting to accomplish in my life. Here they are:

1. Self-Love: No, this is not always about physical appearance and "loving" your self so much that you are vain and insensitive to others ,but rather loving your self enough to not let people take advantage of you; loving yourself enough to want your inner and outer appearance to shine and taking care of your body and mind. Filing your mind with good things and not damaging thoughts. Eating right and feeling good physically. Being around people who fill your life with positivity not negative things. Those who lift you up and not bring you down. This can help you achieve that healthy self-love.

2. Self-esteem: This can be a hard subject for some people, why , because it can take only one negative thing to contribute to low self esteem. Just think, a plethora of negative comments from one person can bring someone down in all areas of their life. You can have 30 good things said to you or about you, but one negative thing is said and it sort of cancels out all the good. What can you do to fix it and achieve higher self -esteem? This takes: God, time, family, good friends and a mirror. It can be a simple as writing a note to your self and posting it on your mirror that says you are whatever you want to feel : beautiful, confident, a great leader etc..whatever it is you desire for yourself, and reading it every day! You must "esteem" your self in a good way , don't always look to others to lift you up. Don't look to get married or have friends to fill a void! You can also lift your self up as well!

3. Self-Respect : Respecting your self,and having others respect you. Loving your self in such a way that you demand you are treated fairly and you don't let anyone come between you and your worth. Knowing that you are worthy to be treated right ,and not putting yourself in a position that someone can say demeaning things to you or put you down.

4. Self-confidence : No one can give this to you, this is something that you MUST work at . Sort of goes back to self-esteem. In order to achieve self-confidence, you must have high self esteem and know that you are not perfect, but that you put forth the best effort you can ! Stop looking at other people and wishing you had what they had, or stop listening to the negative comments or people who think they are better than you. Who cares what others think about you becoming a confident person, and who cares if they think you are crazy or stupid for sharing your thoughts. They are not you! Get out there and feel good about yourself!

and finally...

5. self-worth: self-love, self-esteem, self-self respect, and self-confidence all rolled into one! You are worthy to feel worthy! You are worthy to feel beautiful, look beautiful, be intelligent, worthy to read a book, worthy to exercise and look good, worthy to buy nice clothes, worthy to have nice things, worthy to love your self, worthy to have a great marriage. You are worthy to have what you desire. God put you on this earth to enjoy your life! Yea, you may think someone might look "better" than you, but do they encourage , do they lift others up! Stop letting what other people say or do affect you in a negative way. WE have to know for ourselves that we are worthy!!

I hope this helps someone , I know it really helped me to continue to pursue this great person that I know I am! I felt like I should share this with others because one person can make a difference in someone else's life.

One thing that I had to learn, ( and still learning) is to STOP complaining, stop comparing and try your best to change yourself for the better. After a while you get tired of hearing the same ol' thing, and guess what , so do those around you! Of course it hurts when people make mean comments, they don't include you in certain things, or maybe make you feel a little left out. BUT what is complaining or sulking in misery going to do ? Absolutely nothing! Leave others up to God, vengeance is HIS . Just work on yourself and be the best you can be! If other's can't see past physical etc.. then that's their problem not yours and maybe those people aren't who you need to be around! Men included!

God loves you and wants you to love your self and be that person He has called you to be! We are strong women who deserve to feel awesome! We are more than we know!

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