We are more than we know

So Crystal Lewis is my all time favorite singer. Her music and lyrics have always had an influence on my life and I've been thinking about a particular song, More. " We are more than we know, we meant are for more then this world would suppose, we are more then we know"

This really got me thinking , wow what a profound statement! As humans we are always bound by limits, not necessarily set by us, but set by others as well. There is always someone telling you what you can and can not do. There are pre-conceived notions of what we should be, these destructive devices and we believe them! But we are meant for more! We are children of God and He has big plans for us. We are meant to have it all. The Lord wants us to be successful , confident, wealthy, healthy, happy and loved but we can't seem to see and understand this at times, my self included. We are the chosen ones, the ones to lead a dying nation , the ones to promote goodness and love...So why are we promoting hate?

When we learn to let go and let God have His way, we can do some amazing things. We have to do our part. You would be surprised at what can happen. Anger can cease, you can feel good about yourself, people's negative comments won't get to you, you can rise above corporate politics, thinking before we speak and knowing what comes out of our mouths and the best part, people will see it and you will be this glowing example for all to notice. They may even want to model themselves after you; what an awesome compliment. WE are More! When we do our part , we will see the more we are meant for...

Listen and let go, you will hear and know, you'll see and believe, you can walk on water...more

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