Life , Marriage and camping...

So throughout our life we search for that person who we want spend the rest of our lives with. Once we do , we love the fact that what we maybe haven't experienced in life they have and they can share it with you. And Vice Versa.

My husband Mike is probably one of the most outdoorsy (is that a word?) people I know, me not so much. Not that I don't like it, I've just really never experienced things such as camping or hiking etc... Tomorrow , 06/23 , we are heading out to go camping, and I am so very excited! We are going to do some serious camping, bears and all! This is a tradition that my husband and his family has done and now he wants to start one with our family, and I'm all for it!

I love that I have been so blessed to experience new things with the ones I love...Now what can I share with him?? A trip to San Diego with the fam?? HaHa!!

I'll hopefully be able to update you all on the way and send some cool pictures of our time up north in the woods!

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