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Making Time...

Time is something I think every single person ( a parent or not ) wishes they had more of. I don't know how many times a week I mention that I could use two or three more hours in the day to get things done ( Let's not count the time I waste spend watching The Crown on Netflix ).  With Pre-school almost out for the summer, I am really looking forward to catching up on a few projects including getting ready for birthdays and Father's day!

Mike works so hard for us each and every day, not only with his job, but he also works hard at making our house a home. My heart skips a beat every single day when our boys literally jump up and down to greet dad as he walks through the door.  The sweet and genuine laughter they have just knowing he's home lets me know how blessed we are to have him. Mike always makes time for Dex and Reed & there is no doubting his love for us. Between therapy sessions , swim lessons and just weekly activities, he makes sure that his presence is known. Father's day has taken on a whole new meaning around here and we are so grateful.

This year, we are making time and celebrating dad with help from Jord Wood Watches  . Not only do they have a great men's watch selection but a wonderful selection for women too! 

Isn't this gorgeous?  I love this unique watch because it really does complement any outfit and of course, and I may be a bit biased here, but it looks great on Mike . Oh and I'm also a sucker for pretty packaging.

My heart is seriously bursting!

This is a great time piece and I know the dad or dad figure in your life wold love them too.
You can even personalize them! Sweet, right?

 Father's day is going to be a good one this year! 

Weekend Round-up

For a while now, I've been wanting to add some lifestyle posts to our little blog. I think along with sharing Dex's medical journey, we'll start sharing our every day happenings and how life is on a weekly basis with him! Between school, therapies , slowly renovating our home, and everything in between - we have lots to share!

So... Here's a weekend round up!

We had the pleasure of joining Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery at her Summer Kick off event and the boys had a blast. Sometimes, Dex has trouble adjusting to new faces and I was a little concerned about how calm he would be. I took both boys by myself so there was also some added stress, haha! I said a little prayer and off we went! 

We were at a very familiar venue so that made it so much easier for the boys to feel relaxed... 
They enjoyed being free to run around and had fun playing with the other kids too. It was such a relaxing event and supported such a good cause that we can't wait to do it again!

Remember a while back when we talked about milestones and how Dex is a bit behind on a few things? Well, this weekend he decided to catch up on his sorting and he was very proud of himself ( as were we)! We won't talk about how baby brother pushed all of the cars over, ha!

We were driving around our neighborhood and one of the neighbors had a backyard plant sale. There were so many things I fell in love with including so many potted cacti I wanted! I was able to bring home a little Hoya plant for our porch and she's so pretty. The very sweet gentlemen took a liking to Dex and let him pick out his own plant. He chose the cutest little guy and was satisfied with his choice! Good job buddy!  I can't wait to go back when he has the sale again and that beautiful cactus is ready!

Proud little guy with his cute plant. 

If you follow my Instagram ( @mrsbrum) you may have seen that Dex just finished his first season of baseball! It has been such an amazing thing to see him get so excited about baseball. Our city's little league offers a program for kids with special needs and as soon as Dex turned four we signed him up! On our very first game, he wasn't too sure about it, but by game 3 he was all in! All of the parents and kids were so welcoming to us and we are so grateful for them. Mike had the opportunity to help coach and he feels so blessed to have had this experience. We can't wait to play again next season! Here's a few snaps from our league picnic!

Our super creative team mom made these adorable gifts for each player ( of course this brought me to tears ) and did an amazing job. 

Our local Sheriff dept. came and let the kids exlpore the car! Dex had such a fun experience. 

Of course Reed found the only patch of sand around our set up!

He actually ate something other than Graham crackers too! Hallelujah , haha!

Thanks for making it this far and I hope you all enjoy this week! 


Tis the season for graduations and this week our little Dex had a sweet graduation of his own!

Since birth, Dex has had multiple therapies including - Physical, Occupational and Speech. Therapy has been such a huge part of his progress and his therapists have been nothing short of amazing. They are advocates for his success and have always had his best interest at heart. A couple of weeks ago we had another assessment for his Physical therapy plan and goals  ( about every 3 months or so ). Declan has been showing SO much progress and has really made leaps and bounds. Because of that he's been meeting or surpassing his goals! During our last two sessions his amazing therapists thought it was time for Declan to graduate from PT! 

What does that mean exactly for him? It means that for his current age ( 4 ) he can pretty much handle many physical activities as peers of the same age. Some things he may not master; simply because he doesn't have the physical capability ( like low muscle tone & his Rib Placement etc...) But for the most part, he's doing really well! So, this week was our last PT session for a while! He'll have another assessment once he gets a bit older and continues to grow but for now we are going to enjoy this amazing moment in the life of Dex. Thank you Lord!

( We still have Occupational therapy so we are not saying goodbye to our friends completely... Just PT for now )

We are so incredibly proud of him and we are so thankful for his ongoing healing. Each day we thank God that He gave Dex to us in the exact way He did. We may not every fully understand why and some days we may not be as thankful, BUT we know that He works everything for the good of those who love Him. The best is yet to come!

Here's a little throwback to one of Declan's first sessions at his current therapy facility. He was around 3 months old here! 

Please do not use any pictures without permission